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When it tickles, you have to play sports.

Under this slogan, we were invited to the final day of the Gordel to introduce the attendees to bumper soccer and bring out their arrow tag skills. For the more experienced gamers, we had also set up an escape route around the domain.

Arrow Tag

Although we had set up a classic playing field where people had to shoot at each other, the audience chose a different concept. All participants stood in a line and tried to hit the targets on the shooting boards with bow and arrow. Sometimes with success, sometimes with less success, but from 12.00 to 18.00 it was a non-stop audience favorite. The parents could shoot under the pretext of showing how it should be done and the children competed with each other to be the best archer. Arrow tag was popular even with the very youngest, if only to sit close to daddy or to practice hand-eye coordination.

Bumper soccer

Here too there was little sign of a ‘normal’ game of bumperball. Partly due to the beautiful weather, our 14 bubble footballs were almost constantly occupied by children of all ages and our supervisor was busy regulating the constant flow. After a short wait, everyone eventually got into a ball and spontaneous bumper battles ensued. The youngest were also able to enjoy themselves, although the parents were happy to stay around to keep an eye on things. At 6 pm, we were forced to release the bumper balls or else we would still be standing there 🙂

Bumper soccer Huizingen


For us, it was a great afternoon with a lot of happy and relaxed faces and it is definitely worth repeating. The organization itself also gave us praise, which is always nice to hear. Until the next one!

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