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Discover Bumper soccer!

Bumper soccer is a craze that came over from Scandinavia a few years ago and has since become one of the most popular and hilarious activities on the Belgian events scene. Choose for bumperball and plan your bachelor party, birthday party, scouts activity, teambuilding, sports day, … at Bounce-it and experience an afternoon full of fun! Ask for your offer now.

Option 1: Bumper soccer - Pickup

From € 12.50 P.P.

Pick up the balls at one of our many collection points.

Practical information

  • 1 ball per 2 people is enough!
  • Comes with: pump(s), extension cable, cones and a football
  • To be played on a grass pitch, indoors or on the beach
  • Pick up in Bruges, Ghent, Sint-Niklaas, Mechelen, Sint-Truiden or Turnhout
  • Returning the equipment only the day after!
  • Ideal combo with arrow tag (€7 per set)
4 balls± 8 participants€ 160
6 balls± 12 participants€ 185
8 balls± 16 participants€ 220
10 balls± 20 participants€ 250
12 balls± 24 participants€ 275

€ 25/p.p.* for guidance and organization at (your) location

*Customized offer for larger groups

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Option 2: Bumper soccer - With guidance

€ 25 P.P.

Bounce-it guides you from A to Z.

Practical information

  • We come to your location, if desired we help you find a suitable terrain
  • To be played on a grass pitch, indoors or on the beach
  • Bumper soccer tournament shape alternated with some nice game variants
  • From 20 participants – total duration of 2 hours
  • Ideal combo with arrow tag (€5 p.p. extra)
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According to them, we do not miss the bumper soccer

Kasper De Bock Avatar
Kasper De Bock
Ballen waren in orde, maar vooral een aangename en zeer flexibele service!
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Debby Amelinckx Avatar
Debby Amelinckx

Wauw team building van men werk Novartis,alles was top.Uitleg,materiaal, toffe ervaring !!!Doe zo voort zou ik zeggen.
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Yvonne Gosens Avatar
Yvonne Gosens

Zeer goede service! Snelle reactie op de mailtjes en alles stond netjes klaar op de afgesproken plaats en tijd (bubble voetbal). We hebben een hele toffe middag gehad! Aanrader voor grote groepen zoals een vrijgezellenfeest o.i.d. 🙂
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The total rental time is in principle 24 hours but we are flexible! If we give the balls on Friday evening and get them back on Sunday, it is ok!

No worries! We will give you all the necessary explanations and answer any questions you might have. Please make sure that there is electricity near the playing field in order to inflate the balls!

This will always be done in consultation with the person in charge of your chosen pick-up point. We will contact you after booking and make sure we find a mutually convenient time!

Bumper soccer can be played outdoors on a grass field, a football field and on the beach or indoors in a sport hall. Please contact us if you have any difficulties in this search and we will be happy to help you.

Transport is possible in a normal passenger car if you lay the back seat flat and empty the trunk. Only from 12 balls and more you should ask us to make sure that everything goes smoothly.

Game types for inspiration

Bumperbal tournament

The classic game where two teams compete against each other and try to score as many goals as possible within the given time (approx. 5min/game). For each winning game, the team receives 3 points while a tie results in 1 point for each team.

Depending on the number of teams, the game can continue until every team has faced each other. The team with the most points wins!

Fat Bertha

During this game, one person stands in the middle of the playing field in a bumper ball while the other participants stand in a bumper ball on the back line of the playing field. At the signal, all participants try to safely walk over to the other side without being knocked over by the player in the middle.

If the player in the middle succeeds in pushing someone to the ground, this player joins the player in the middle. Repeat this until there is only one person left!

Last man/woman standing

This is where the real power comes out! Each participant gets into a bumper ball and plays this game individually. The concept is simple: try to knock over as many other participants as possible without falling to the ground yourself. Success? Then you get 1 point! Are you on the ground yourself? Then 1 point will be deducted.

Who has collected the most points at the end, may declare himself the ultimate winner. Let the games begin!

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