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The Pegasus Project! (Already 20,000+ players)

This online escape game can be played completely safely from home with colleagues. Join a free demo session every Tuesday and Friday afternoon! Available in all languages!

How does it work

Mission Hub Pegasus

Step 1: Order your code and log in

After ordering, you will receive a mission briefing with a unique login code. Based on this mission briefing, each team member can start up the online escape room and join the rest of the team members. The escape game can begin…

Pegasus game

Step 2: Work together as a team via laptop

Once everyone has logged into the online escape game, the team members can consult with each other to solve each riddle together. It is important that everyone waits for each other and does not proceed alone. This way, the chances of success are much higher and it becomes a real online teambuilding game!

Pegasus game
Pegasus header

Step 3: Make connections and leak the secret documents

Immerse yourself in the story and write down the answers after each riddle. Try, as a team, to make the connection between the different links and thus succeed in leaking the secret documents to the media. The team with the best time wins!

Pegasus game

What do you need?

Project Pegasus is played in teams of 4-6 people. This online escape game is web-based, the players only need a computer with internet. No extra devices or apps. Through a video connection such as MS Teams, Zoom or others, everyone is in contact with each other and all teams get the same introduction. Then the teams play the game in sub sessions. In between, a player can ask for hints. Ideal to organise an online drink afterwards (optional).

Pegasus game

What do others say about Pegasus?

The online escape game has already been played by 10,000+ participants. Take part and break record times of AG Insurance, Nike, Axa, PwC and many others!

Meertalig team

Het spel kan in alle talen worden gespeeld (NL, FR, EN en zelfs spaans) wat een groot voordeel was voor ons internationaal team. Twas top, het zat echt goed in elkaar!
- Christophe


Ons bedrijf (Trifinance) van 400 personen had een geweldige namiddag met dit escape spel. Praktisch verliep het vlekkeloos en alle collega's waren enthousiast.
- Elke

Super ervaring

Het Pegasus spel was een succes gisteren, ik heb enkel positieve reacties gehoord en alles is super vlot verlopen. Erg bedankt voor de goede organisatie en fijne samenwerking!
- Barbara

Vlot verloop

De activiteit is vlekkeloos verlopen en ik hoorde alleen maar positieve reacties van mijn collega"s!
- Saskja

Digitale teambuilding

We hebben de escape game gisteren gespeeld als onderdeel van onze digitale teambuilding en iedereen was razend enthousiast! Bij deze wil ik jullie namens het hele InBio team bedanken om dergelijke ontspannende activiteit mogelijk te maken in de huidige omstandigheden
- Goedele


Als team van 42 personen van verschillende afdelingen waren we op zoek naar een teambulding covid proof en dit lost de verwachtingen naadloos in. Volledig nieuw spelbeleving en voor een uitstekende prijs-kwaliteit!
- Céline Neirynck

The Pegasus Project

€ 30 per person

Play the escape game together online

Practical information

  • Order the game online – 1 code per 6 persons recommended
  • Necessary: a laptop and internet connection
  • Available in NL, FR and EN.
  • Average mission time: 1h30
  • Includes guidance before, during and after the mission
  • Apérobox optional via our premium partner The Ghentist
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Your own online escape game

We adapt the look & feel to your company

Add logos and videos

A first step to customize the escape game to your wishes is the possibility to add your logo to the game or to incorporate certain videos/photos into the game. Your colleagues will be impressed immediately!

Company-specific questions

Has a new colleague joined the team or has a new policy been introduced? We can add company-specific questions to the online escape game to make the link to your company.

Customize storyline

We can even adjust all the names in the game to your liking! Which scientist died? Is it Nancy from finance or Marc from marketing? A top experience for all colleagues that will linger for a long time. We are happy to discuss the choice of victim with you.

The game can be played in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish. The accompaniment during the game by an employee of Bounce-it is also possible in most languages.

No! Nothing needs to be installed, you only need a laptop and an internet connection. The game is completely web-based, so it's ideal for an online teambuilding with colleagues on their work laptops.

Certainly! In advance, each participant will be sent a clear instruction e-mail to start up the game. In addition, during the online escape room someone from Bounce-it will be available to give hints if the players are stuck. Finally, there is a help function built into the game itself where participants can request a tip for each puzzle.

The assignments can be compared to a real escape room. As a team you will have to search virtual 3D rooms for clues, analyse video fragments, read external websites and use certain tools. Through these various sub-tasks, through teamwork you will eventually find out what happened to the mysterious scientists...

Logo pegasus project

Get caught up in the story….

A few months ago, three scientists died in the research lab of Spider Technologies. According to the official report, their deaths were due to an accident. Agent Spike, on the other hand, worked undercover at Spider Tech and sent video footage from the lab that suggests otherwise. The contact with agent Spike is broken since a couple of days, complete silence from his side…

Your mission: investigate the building and try to find out what exactly happened to agent Spike and the three scientists. Spike sent another secret document called “The Pegasus Project” but unfortunately it is protected by a secret password.

Find the password, access the secret documents and leak them to the media to stop Spider Technologies!

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