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Discover Arrow Tag!

Bring out the knight in you and imagine yourself and friends or colleagues in the middle ages with this ancient arrow tag game. Have you ever shot at someone with an arrow without hurting him or her? Well, now it is possible, with top material. You play various game modes and aim your arrows at each other or at objects. Don’t worry by the way, the spearhead has been replaced by a mousse cap.

Option 1: Arrow Tag - Pickup

Only € 7.00 for each archery set in combo

Combo of two games for a small extra charge.

Practical info

  • One archery set contains 1 bow, 2 arrows and 1 mask
  • To be played on a grass field, indoors or on the beach
  • Pick up in Bruges, Ghent, Mechelen, Sint-Niklaas, Sint-Truiden or Turnhout
  • Rental of shooting board possible: € 5 for each board
  • Rent in combination with bubble football: € 7 for each set
  • Hire only Arrow Tag: from €10 for each set
10 Archery sets€ 140
12 Archery sets€ 150
14 Archery sets€ 160
16 Archery sets€ 170
18 Archery sets€ 180

€ 25/p.p.* for guidance and organization at (your) location

*Customized quotation for larger groups

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Option 2: Arrow Tag - With guidance

€ 25 P.P.

With enthusiastic Bounce-it instructors

Practical information

  • Bounce-it comes to your desired location or helps you find a suitable terrain
  • To be played on a grass field, indoors or on the beach
  • From 20 participants – total duration approximately 2 hours
  • Variety of different game variants
  • Always under professional supervision with a clear explanation
  • Stirs up team spirit and mutual competition
  • Ideal in combination with bumper soccer (€5 p.p. extra)
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For them, it was a bull’s-eye

Extra fun

archery schietbord

For those who prefer “option 1: Pickup”, we recommend to definitely rent one or more shooting boards with the equipment. This costs only €5 for each shooting board and certainly adds value to the activity. As a starting game to warm up, the group can be divided into two teams where each team has to try to shoot the 5 round targets with bow and arrow out of the shooting board as quickly as possible.

Besides this perfect introduction game, the targets can also be used during team deadmatch. Here you can choose to use the shooting boards next to each other in the scoring. During our guided events archery tag we always include shooting boards as a fixed part of the activity.


If you want to add an extra fun element to your Archery Tag activity you can rent our Kubb equipment for only € 10 per Kubb set. Thanks to the Kubb material you can add an extra value to your activity.

Archery Kubb is a game where the aim is to knock down wooden blocks by shooting arrows at them. The player who knocks down the king the quickest after shooting all the blocks to their side wins.

Mention it in your quote request!


Game modes for inspiration

Hunger Games

Each player gets a bow and two arrows. Everyone stands back to back in a circle. Once the countdown is over, all players may run away into the defined area, and five counts later you may shoot at each other.

If you are hit, you are out. Put your bow down in the middle, so that everyone knows that you have been killed. The last warrior is the winner!

Tip 1: It is important to pick up each other’s arrows otherwise you will quickly run out of arrows.

Tip 2: Close alliances at the beginning, note that only 1 person can win.

Fat Bertha

There are two groups: the knights with bows and the chaplains (without bows). The knight starts alone, the others are chaplains.

Knights may only shoot in the hunting area (zone 1), between the walls the chaplains are safe (2 zones between the hunting area). If the chaplain is hit in the hunting area, he/she becomes a knight. The last chaplain is the winner!

Tip 1: wear your mask at this game

Tip 2: knights should keep enough distance from the hunting area


Create two knight teams and divide the game into three zones. Knight team 1 is in zone 1, while knight team 2 is in zone 3. The zone in between is provided as a buffer where all arrows are collected at the beginning of the game.

Claim as many arrows as possible and start the game. If you are hit, the other knight team gets a point. Play two sets to 15 points. The winning knight team rules the area!

Tip 1: use obstacles to hide behind

Tip 2: agree on a team tactic in advance

Archery tag robin hood
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