Waasland region

Did you think you would only find a shopping center in the Waasland?

Guess again! Right at the exit of the E17 there is quality material ready to give you a bumpy afternoon.

  • Bumper football
  • Archery tag
  • AR escape game
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Discover our pick-up point Waasland

1. Practical information

Where do I have to be exactly?

  • Search ‘Bounce-it Sint-Niklaas’ on Google maps or Waze to easily find the pick-up point.
  • When arrived, you can park at the streetside and ring the doorbell on the front door.

What are the opening hours?

  • The pick-up points are always in consultation with Pieter.
  • We choose a moment that suits both parties.

Where near can I play?

  • You can find more information about reservations on the website of Sint-Niklaas.


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2. Available activities

Are you looking to rent equipment for your sports day or for the next scouts activity?

We are happy to meet your wishes with the following offer:

  • Escape game with iPad and gadgets
  • Bumper football
  • Archery tag

More information per activity can be found on our offer page.

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3. Nearby attraction

The Waasland is an often underestimated region in Flanders with a wide range of different activities. If you are looking to relax in addition to our sporty offer, we can warmly recommend a number of things:

  • Visit Art deco
  • Exploring the creeks of Saleghem
  • Visit the Kasteelpark Beervelde

For more inspiration, dining options and accommodation, visit the Waasland site.

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