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Enjoy a customized school sport day !

Bounce-it combines sport activities with mind games to come up with a suitable package for any pupil at a secondary school. We let you choose from 3 different formulas to organize a sports day under the professional guidance of Bounce-it that will be remembered for a long time.

How does it work?

Choose from our range of formulas

As the organizing school, we let you choose the formula(s) that best fits the expectations of your sports day. The students can then register for one or more formulas. The choice consists of the following:

  • Bumper soccer in combo with Arrow Tag (Sportive)
  • Escape game with iPad (Active walk + interactive riddles)
  • Online escape game (Creative)

Each pupil chooses a formula

After you as a school have decided which offer the pupils will get, we let them choose in advance which formula suits them best.

Based on their choice, we then know how much material we need to bring and we make sure that each pupil has about 2 hours of fun ahead of them per activity! For a full-blown sports day, you can choose an activity in the morning or afternoon.

Healthy competition

Of course, the idea is to stir up some healthy competition among ourselves. For each formula, we apply a points system so that the final winner can be announced at the end. After all, through our varied offer, every student gets the chance to sign up for something he/she is good at!

Our formulas

Formula 1 - Bumper soccer + Arrow Tag

€ 20 each pupil

Compete against each other for the honor of being the most sporty class

Practical information

  • Combo of a game of bumper soccer and arrow tag
  • Playable at any location in Belgium, indoors or outdoors
  • Emphasis on sports
  • Duration of the activity: ± 2 hours in total
  • Discount in combo with other formulas
  • Playable from 12 years of age
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Formula 2 - Online escape game

€ 24 each pupil

Play the escape game together online

Practical information

  • Choice between The Pegasus Project or Sherlock Holmes
  • Requisites: a laptop and internet connection
  • Available in NL, FR and EN
  • Average mission time: 1h30 to 2h
  • Division into teams of 5 to 6 pupils
  • Including guidance before, during and after the mission
  • Discount in combo with other formulas
  • Playable from 12 years of age
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Formula 3 - Escape game around the school

€ 24 each pupil

A personalized escape game with a track around the school

Practical information

  • Each team receives an iPad and gadget box and solves puzzles in augmented reality
  • After establishing the location, Bounce-it gets to work creating a course in the desired neighborhood
  • Indoor games are also possible for sport day
  • Everyone starts and ends at the same time, to be played in teams of 5 pupils
  • Duration of the activity: ± 2h
  • Discount in combo with other formulas
  • Playable from 12 years of age
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  • Bumper soccer & Arrow tag: Here we need an indoor area (e.g. the gym) or an outdoor lawn. Depending on the number of participants, an area of 50m² is sufficient.
  • Escape game with the iPad: depending on your preference, we put together a route that is about 2 to 3 km long in total. Both the starting and ending point of this route are fully adaptable. For example, each student can start and end at the school gates.
  • Online escape game: this can be played anywhere, both from home and from school.

Although it is more interactive when each pupil has his or her own laptop, it is also possible to play from one laptop and have the pupils work in groups of 5 to 6 together on one screen to solve the puzzles.

Yes, Bounce-it ensures that every activity runs smoothly:

  • Bumper soccer & Arrow Tag: for this activity, a supervisor from Bounce-it always remains present.
  • Escape game with the iPad: a teacher gives a briefing after which the pupils go off on their own. Depending on the grade, we recommend that a teacher accompanies them to ensure that everything runs safely.
  • Online escape game: we send a mission briefing in advance and give an online introduction at the moment so that everything is clear to the pupils. Also during the game, someone from us will be online to answer any questions the students may have.

Of course! In that case, we recommend that each pupil signs up for 2 of the 3 formulas to be chosen in order to have a full sports day. Ask here for an adapted offer.

Any questions?

Feel free to call us at 0492864352 or send an email to Bounce-it!
We are always open to give some extra information about our formulas for sport day during a Zoom/Skype meeting and to show a demo of the online escape game and the escape game with iPads. We hope to see you soon!

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