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Teambuildings on location!

Bounce-it combines sporting activities with mind games to obtain a perfect teambuilding on location for each company. It’s up to you to emphasize the physical or mental aspect, working together remains central! All formulas are under the professional assistance of Bounce-it.

Step 1: Choose a formula

Bounce-it Fun

Early morning or afternoon

€30 - €35



Sportive or creative

Choice of bumper soccer, arrow tag or escape game with iPad

Different game modes

Professional guidance

Ideal for after work

Total duration around 2hrs – 3hrs

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most chosen

Bounce-it premium

Whole day

€ 65



Sportive morning

Creative afternoon

Different game modes

Professional guidance

For ex. from 9h to 12h and from 13h to 16h

No lunch included

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Bounce-it expert

Whole day

Custom price


Sportive morning

Creative afternoon

Different game modes

Total care

Professional guidance

+ Lunch (by mutual agreement)

+ Water/soft drinks during the activities

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Step 2: choose from our 4 activities

The activities we have selected for you are both sporty (bumper soccer and arrow tag) and creative (augmented reality escape game and online escape game).

Activity 1 - AR Escape game at your own location

€ 35 p.p.

A personalized escape game with a course at your own location

Practical information

  • Each team receives an iPad and gadget box and solves puzzles in augmented reality
  • After establishing the location, Bounce-it gets to work creating a course in the desired area
  • Indoor games are also possible
  • Everyone starts and finishes at the same time, even groups of 100+
  • From 20 participants
  • Duration of the activity: ± 2h30
  • Automatic score with final winner
  • Go to the page of our escape game with iPad for more info

With less than 20 people? Come and collect the iPad from us in Bruges, Ghent or Mechelen.

More info

Bounce-it about the escape game on location

Activity 2 - Bumper soccer

€ 25 p.p.

Compete against each other for the honor of being the most sportive team

Practical information

  • Playable at any location in Belgium, indoors or outdoors
  • Continuous variation: tournament format + fun game variants
  • From 20 participants
  • Duration of the activity: ± 2 hours
  • A sportive way to get to know your colleagues better
  • Hilarious images for those watching from the sidelines

With less than 20 people? Come and collect the material at one of our pick-up points.

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Activity 3 - Arrow tag

€ 25 p.p.

Bring out the knight in you

Practical information

  • Bounce-it comes to your desired location or helps you find a suitable terrain
  • To be played on a grass field, indoors or on the beach
  • From 20 participants – total duration approximately 2 hours
  • Variety of different game modes
  • Always under professional supervision with a clear explanation
  • Fires up the team spirit and mutual competition
  • Ideal in combination with bumper soccer (€5 p.p. extra)

Less than 20 people? Come and collect the equipment at one of our pick-up points.

More info

Activity 4 - Online escape game

€ 30 p.p.

Play the escape game together online

Practical information

  • Choice between The Pegasus Project or Sherlock Holmes
  • Adaptable with your own logo/video/question/storyline
  • Necessary: a laptop and internet connection
  • Available in NL, FR and EN
  • Average mission time: 1h30 a 2h (can be adapted)
  • Includes guidance before, during and after the mission
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Additional activities

In addition to these 4 activities, we have worked out a wider range of offers in cooperation with our regular partners. Request our brochure below to read more about these extra activities or request a quote right away.

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Get inspiration for your teambuilding on location

For our teambuildings on location we listen of course to the wishes of the client but we like to give a first impression. What does the ideal day look like according to us:

  • Morning. We start that day in a sportive way with a game of bumper soccer alternated with arrow tag. In between we provide enough rest moments so that the tactics can be sharpened. Also for the less sporty colleagues is this teambuilding activity worthwhile by crawling in the role of coach or photographer on duty.
  • Lunch. Hunger is the best sauce! After an eventful morning and a (necessary) shower it is time to replenish your strength. As a client, you can organise something yourself or let us make a proposal. We have a number of regular food trucks but can certainly inform you at the local restaurant or sandwich bar.
  • Afternoon. Logic brings you from A to B! During the escape game the players navigate with the iPad and gadget box to 12 GPS locations where each time a riddle has to be solved in augmented reality. A maximum of 2 hours later, all groups gather at the final location to announce the winner of an eventful teambuilding.

Read on to get an idea of what your teambuilding on location would look like.

More info and tips on teambuilding activities

No problem, you can still book the activity at the price of 20 people.

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For teambuildings we certainly have a few fun games we can play.

Bounce the boss

The aim here is for the red team to stand in the middle of a playing field with a bumper soccer. Then the blue team has to try to reach the other side without being disturbed by the players in the middle.

Shoot the boss

The boss or another employee has to cross a playing field without being hit by the archers with an archery bow and arrow along the sideline.

AR Escape game with fun and funny questions of your choice about the company or other matters incorporated.

For example: "What is the favorite activity of the sales department?".

If you want to find out even more game modes, request your quote now to secure your activity.

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