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Funny birthday parties for young and old!

Organizing a birthday, fun but can sometimes be a lot of work. We as Bounce-it would like to help you find the perfect activity for young and old. Check out our offer for birthdays below. ↓

Questions about the age at which you can play our activity?

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Bumper Soccer

Playing football with his or her friends.


€ 12,50


Teambuilding - Bounce-it


Great moments

Wonderful experience

Releasing energy

Flexible pick-up and return during

No deposit required – payment afterwards

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Arrow Tag

Shoot with safe arrows.

€ 10

per kit

Teambuilding Icoon pijl prijzen - Bounce-it


Safe battles

Nice photo opportunities

Convenient pick-up service

Flexible pick-up and return during

No deposit required – payment afterwards

More bow and arrow info

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Most chosen

Bumper soccer

+ Arrow Tag


€ 20


Icoon All in Formule - Bounce-it


Combine two activities

Get a discount on the archery sets (€7 instead of €10)

Use the balls as obstacles

Double the fun

Flexible pick-up and return during

No deposit required – payment afterwards

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Pick up your material easily at one of our many pick-up points.

Perfect for birthdays!

We have put forward 3 pick-up formulas that are perfect for birthdays filled with fun and hilarious moments.

No time to supervise the activities?

No problem, Bounce-it has years of experience in guiding events for young and old. For a small additional fee we come to set everything up, guide and clean up.

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You may already have an answer to your questions below!

  • Cosy togetherness

A birthday is all about socializing with friends and family. This is exactly what our activities are made for. To have fun together and experience fantastic moments that you and the others will never forget.

  • Something different

There are certainly many possibilities for organizing activities for a birthday, but we believe that you should strive for original and creative ideas. You can always discover and try new things. We at Bounce-it give you herein a professional offer of bubble football, archery tag or an escape game.

  • Compete and cooperate in one activity

Whatever activity you choose for an event, you will always find that competition and cooperation ensures that bonds are strengthened. Our activities give you the chance to put these two skills to the test.

  • Making memories

Last but not least, making memories and having fun is obviously the most important thing, especially on a day that only happens once a year. That is why at Bounce-it we strive for a high fun content.

For birthdays, we certainly have some great games you can play.

Bounce the birthday boy/girl

The aim here is for everyone except the birthday boy or girl to stand in the middle of a playing field with a bumper soccer. Then the birthday boy has to try to reach the other side without being disturbed by the players in the middle.

Shoot the birthday boy/girl

The birthday boy has to cross a playing field without being hit by the archers with an archery bow and arrow along the sideline.

If you want to find out more about the games, ask for your quote now to fix your activity.

YES of course! The more original the better. When dressing up, make sure that it does not interfere with your sporting activities.

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