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Augmented Reality Escape Games!

Our AR escape games combine the best elements of a classic treasure hunt, GPS games and escape rooms with the technology of Augmented Reality. This can be played outdoors at any desired location! 

Our escape game explained

Operation Mindfall

€ 35 p.p.

Scan the hologram and a safe is revealed!

Practical information

  • A supervisor delivers the iPad and gadget box to the starting point, provides explanation and takes everything back afterwards.
  • To be played on an outlined route. This can be in a city centre or somewhere in the countryside
  • Play in teams of 4 to 5 people per iPad
  • Collect points for each correct answer and reach the top score in time
  • Duration of the activity: ± 2h30* (including briefing and announcement of the winners)
  • From 20 persons**

*Can be adapted in consultation
**Are there less than 20 of you? Send us a message!



Top teambuilding

Step into the middle of an undercover spy story. Codenamed ‘Operation Mindfall’, your team must find the anti-virus and expose the enemy. Government pressure is mounting, the clock is ticking mercilessly and the fate of the world is in your hands.


Augmented reality

The game experience is given an extra dimension by the AR. Secret safes appear and cool gadgets complete the experience. Thanks to this technology, the game is received as innovative and it continues to resonate with the participants.


Fully adaptable

Our escape games are fully adaptable to your wishes. This ensures an escape game that feels like it is really yours.

  • Duration and distance
  • Start and end point
  • Difficulty
  • Company-specific questions
  • Logos/photos as an addition

Previous escape experiences

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ActionPack 7

Action pack with unique gadgets

With Bounce-it we try to distinguish ourselves from other escape games by the unique game experience. The augmented reality together with a cool box full of gadgets helps to achieve this.

The actionpack is specially made in the theme of the game and contains a microscope that can be combined with the camera of a mobile phone, a UV torch and a combination lock. In addition, there are various patterns that players must scan with the iPad, which reveals safes and other riddles in augmented reality.

ActionPack 7

Here is a video for more info

Diploma Escape game

Award ceremony

After playing the AR Escape game, the winner will be awarded his/her own diploma with which he/she may officially declare him/herself the winner of our event. Afterwards, thanks to this certificate, you will remember many times the great moments you experienced during our activity!

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