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AR Escape Games

What exactly is Augmented Reality?

The literal translation of Augmented Reality is added reality. In other words, it is a technology that adds an extra element to our perception of reality. The best-known example in recent years is Pokémon Go, in which you see Pikachu virtually appear in your living room via your smartphone. The AR Escape games of Bounce-it use Ipad’s to make secret safes and talking avatars appear!

How long does an Escape game last?

Our city games take about 2h in total, depending on how fast you go through the riddles as a team. The indoor game takes up to 1 hour.

Can it be played everywhere in Flanders?

Our game routes are not fixed so in principle you can deviate from them if you wish. For large company events we can put together a completely personalized game at the desired location. This can range from a city to an old castle or a deserted industrial site. Contact us for this via

What is the best team size?

Although the iPads allow us to register between 2 and 6 participants per team, we recommend to form teams of 4 (mobile game) or 5 (city game) people for an optimal game experience!

What in case of bad weather?

We will not force anyone to go out in a thunderstorm with the iPads through the city! Some light rain on the other hand can’t hurt. And if there is any doubt, we always have an indoor variant available!

How difficult is the game?

The puzzles are quite challenging but the gameplay ensures that you will never be stuck. If it takes too long to find a solution, you can ask the avatars for a tip. If the tip is still not enough, you can choose to simply move on to the next task.

From what age can you play an AR Escape game?

Our games are developed to be challenging enough for adults. Experience has taught us that children under the age of 12 will have difficulties to participate actively. Of course younger children can join in as part of the group and try to help where possible.

Bumper soccer


STEP 1: Choose a suitable location, free from sharp objects and obstacles with a free space around the playing field.
STEP 2: Inflate the Bounce Ball (max 80%) using the pump(s) provided. Inspect the Bounce Ball for damage once inflated. If damaged, please contact us.
STEP 3: Playing with jewels, glasses, buttons, zips or other sharp objects is not permitted.
STEP 4: Each participant can now step into his or her Bumper Ball. Make sure that the blue bands run properly over the shoulders (like a backpack). Tighten them so that the head is inside the ball.
STEP 5: The Bouncer may participate in the game, make sure that the participants are of equal strength and take sufficient breaks.
STEP 6: At the end of the activity the Bounce balls are cleaned (free of sand, grass etc.) and vacuumed with the pump(s).

What types of games are there?

SPRINT: Try to roll as far as possible in the Bounce balls!
LAST BOUNCER STANDING: Every time a player falls over, he disappears from the game. The game where tactical ingenuity is indispensable!
FAT BERTA: 1 or 2 Bouncers stand in the middle and try to knock over the overflowing Bouncers. Tactics are key here!
BOUNCE TICK: +1 per bouncer knocked over, -1 each time the bouncer loses balance.
BOWLING BOUNCE: the classic bowling game in an innovative jacket!
BACHELOR BOUNCE: We forge a plan against the bachelor, more info on the activity itself!

How much space do the balls take up?

60cm x 30cm x 25cm per ball with extra space for a pump. In a Volkswagen Polo 10 Bumper Balls fit when the back seat is laid flat.

Is it difficult to inflate the balls?

No worries! We will give you all the necessary explanations and answer any questions you might have. Please make sure that there is electricity available near the playing field to inflate the balls!

On which surface should I play?

Bumper soccer can be played outdoors on a grass field, a football field and on the beach or indoors in a gym. Contact us if you are having trouble finding a suitable surface and we will be happy to help you.

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