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Time is important

Nobody likes to spend hours in the car. That’s why we have opened six strategic pick-up points in Flanders to bring the bounce balls as close as possible to you. Our mission is to be with our Bounce balls, Arrow Tag equipment and iPads no more than 25 minutes away from your home.

If the distance would be too great, there are always solutions. Firstly, we are flexible and can arrange for you to pick up the bumper balls from or to work if this would be close to a pick-up point. Of course we will not charge you extra for this.

Secondly, you can also engage Bounce-it to arrange transportation. For this, we charge 0.8 euro/km, calculated from the nearest pickup point. Finally, we are always open for improvement. Can’t find archery tag material at your location? Let us know, maybe we will open our sixth pick-up point there.

Check the map below to see which point is the most convenient for you!

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