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Our second online escape room!

It could not be delayed any longer. More and more often, we see companies where working from home is set as the new normal, making the need to do something fun with colleagues bigger and bigger. Therefore, following the Pegasus Project, we proudly present our new online escape game: Sherlock Holmes! Please read along with us.

The Story

The setting is 18th century England where Lord Henrys is facing an important moment in his life. He has decided to step aside in the company and pass the torch to his children. Of course, this does not run smoothly and various people start to interfere. In other words: it’s trouble! Unfortunately, the unthinkable happens and Lord Henrys is found dead on his domain. The search can begin.

The gameplay

In contrast to the Pegasus Project, the new online escape game revolves more around the structure of the characters and their storyline. This gives Sherlock a certain depth that feels very fancy and ingenious. By means of various sub-tasks, the player gets to know more and more about the comings and goings of the characters and their possible involvement in the whole affair. In the end, you have to unmask the culprit as a team and crown yourself a real Sherlock! Tip: don’t immediately think that it is a woman who has poisoned him. Or is it?

Again, there is a built-in help function in the game where you as a team can decide to ask for a tip when you are stuck. If you use this tip, you will only be able to earn half the points for this riddle. You really can’t do it? Then the riddle can be solved for you without points. In this way you try to score as high as possible as a team and become the ultimate winner of the game. From the moment the players log in, a clock will start running which will stop after 2 hours and the players will automatically log off. If they have not managed to unmask the culprit by then, the mission of the private detectives has failed.

At the end of the game, a 4-minute outro is played, explaining to the players exactly what happened to Lord Henrys and the exact motives of the people around him. This ensures that you, as a team, immediately receive answers to certain questions you had during the game and you can leave the file behind in peace of mind.


The biggest innovation of this game is the fact that we can fully customize the game to your wishes. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • adding a company logo or video
  • extra questions woven into the game
  • implementing documents with the latest company policy
  • changing the names of the characters. Your chance to push the CEO into the role of the perpetrator!
  • replace 3D rooms of the castle with the 3D rooms of your office

As you can read, the possibilities are practically endless and together we can create an online escape game that really feels like your company. In this way, we try to meet the growing demand to bring colleagues remotely in contact with each other in a fun way via a high quality game. Be sure to check out our page and hopefully see you soon!

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