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Hard to beat

The concept is simple: you give someone a bottle of wine or cava as a present but add an extra element. The chest is locked, the access code is not known. In this way we try to bring our expertise in the escape sector into people’s homes.

How does it work?

The idea of the escape gift box is to give a standard gift a completely new dimension which can serve as a year-end gift for employees or as a birthday gift for friends and family. After ordering, the lucky recipient receives the box at home and the search can begin. On each box is a QR code that, after scanning, gives access to the secret website. Once logged in, each participant reads the instructions online after which 4 unique riddles must be solved. On the outside of the escape gift box is a padlock with 4 digits, coincidence?

Why it works

For employers, the escape gift box proved to be a hit last winter. It falls within the desired price range for a year-end gift, it can be personalized with a card inside and it is both simple and original.

For our private customers, our box proves to be a welcome solution to an often-recurring problem: what should I buy next as a present? Research has shown that ‘original’ gifts are often negatively received and that the classic bottle of wine or whiskey often wins over as a favorite with uncle Geert. Our escape gift box combines the best of both worlds. Tip: maybe you should also buy a pair of pliers for uncle Geert, just in case.

The box is open, now what?

The best is yet to come… Think about it. The recipient has managed to crack the code and finally taste the merit. Instead of throwing away the packaging, our escape gift box can easily be reused. The box and the combination lock are in fact still intact (unless someone has used a hammer) and thus make the perfect gift to pass on. You buy a new bottle of wine of your choice, write a personal card for the inside and lock the hanger. Ready!

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