Are you ready to break the code?

Follow the steps below and get your well-deserved gift!

Escape box close up

4 riddles – 4 corresponding numbers

Below you will find 4 riddles where the answer to each riddle is a number. The solution of the first riddle corresponds to the first number on the number lock. Find all answers and gain access to the contents of your escape gift box. Good luck!

Do you need help or a tip? In this supplement we will give you a hint about the correct answers. Of course, you can also use a helpline closer to home and simply ask friends or family to think along with you.

Found, now what? Think of the environment and don’t just throw the box away. Put in a new bottle of your choice, put the lock back on and give it away as a present!

Escape box close up

Riddle 1

Vul de ontbrekende letter aan

Riddle 2

Open de kluis

Riddle 3

Tel de cirkels

Riddle 4

Vul de rij aan
Open chat
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